The Best Office Chair Mat For A Heavy Person

Hi.  Michelle, here from MightyChairs.com, and in this article I'll be telling you about the best office chair mat for a heavy person.

I'm a big girl.  I made the mistake of buying a big and tall chair and not getting a floor mat to protect my laminate floor.  Now my floor looks like this.  I now have to foot the bill of getting it repaired when a simple solution could have prevented it all.  Silly me.

A floor mat should be used, even for chairs made for smaller folks, but especially for the big and tall.  The extra weight from big and tall chair plus the user is brutal on floors and it's only a matter of time before the damage you see above starts to occur. 

Big & Tall chairs require more square footage, which by default, requires a bigger office chair mat.  Choosing the right floor mat can save your floors from damage caused by normal wear and tear from the harsh friction of rolling chairs.  

A floor mat is all it takes to prevent your precious hardwood or laminate floors from looking like the picture you see above.  Mighty Chairs carries jumbo sized floor mats that are built to withstand the traffic, pressure, and friction of a big and tall chair.

Investing in an office chair mat will keep your floors looking flawless and save you hundreds or thousands in floor or carpet repairs and replacement.